This is a training site that we use to help new sub-contractors begin doing work for Helix Home Renewal. This site is not used to enter "real" results.

  1. Please click the Register link above to create a userid (it is located below the Email box top right of this screen). If you loose your password, click "I Forgot my password" and you will be sent an email allowing you to reset it (the email goes to the account you registered with).
  2. Once you have registered on this site, you should follow the instructions on the main page that appears.
  3. We ask that you submit sample photographs of prior jobs in order to ensure you meet the requirements of our clients. This is very important in order to avoid having to return to a site. Completing this step will help you (i.e. less wasted time returning to homes for missing photos!), so please be sure to provide us some samples.
  4. Complete your paperwork and send it in so that you can begin receiving work.

Once we have received your completions and paperwork, someone from Helix will contact you to finalize your profile by giving you access to our production systems.


Team Helix